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Las Vegas Orthodontist: Understanding Orthodontics and Dental Services


As a branch and specialized field of dentistry, orthodontics aims to correct improperly aligned teeth and jaws. It is harder to clean and maintain crooked teeth and teeth that don't fit correctly and are at greater risk of being lost because of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as causing extra stress when chewing leading to a headache, neck stiffness, TMJ syndrome, and shoulder and back pain. Improperly aligned or crooked teeth can detract an individual's appearance. Undergoing an orthodontic treatment brings a lot of benefits such as a more pleasing appearance, healthier mouth and a stronger teeth that can last a lifetime.


Las vegas orthodontist can help you gain the dental and overall benefits of an orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist is a dental specialist who has studied two or more years beyond the four years education in dental education in an ADA-approved orthodontic training program. An orthodontist is experts in braces, retainers, aligners and other orthodontic devices, so they are the most qualified and has the most experience in delivering orthodontic treatment with exceptional outcomes. An orthodontist usually has a business card, logo or stationary clearly stating that he or she is a "Specialist in Orthodontics". An orthodontist is usually a member of well-acclaimed orthodontic organizations such as the American Board of Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontics, and their logos may also display in the orthodontist's dental clinic.


It is important to consult an orthodontist with early las vegas orthodontist treatment experience. At seven years old, all children are advised to undergo an orthodontic evaluation as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics. The majority of orthodontists don't begin orthodontic treatment until all the adult teeth are present because if your child has a narrow upper jaw, crowded teeth, a finger or thumb habit, severe mouth breathing or underbite or overbite all of these dental problems can be solved early while your child is still growing. A person is a candidate for orthodontic treatment if he or she has a crossbite, open bite, underbite, overbite, misplaced midline, crowding or spacing teeth.


The different fixed appliances orthodontists use include braces (consisting of bands, wires, and brackets), fixed space maintainers (baby tooth is prematurely lost), and special fixed appliances (helps control thumb sucking). The different removable appliances include removable space maintainers, aligners, jaw repositioning appliances, palatal expander, jaw repositioning appliances, removable retainers, and headgear. If you are looking for a Las Vegas orthodontist, feel free to visit our website or homepage. Know more about orthodontist at